Mojada™ | 1 OZ
Mojada™ | 1 OZ
Mojada™ | 1 OZ
Mojada™ | 1 OZ
Mojada™ | 1 OZ
Mojada™ | 1 OZ
Mojada™ | 1 OZ

Mojada™ | 1 OZ


What is Mojada™?

Mojada™ is an all-natural libido enhancing gel formulated to increase and intensify your overall intimate experience. It mimics the natural juices that begin to flow when when you become aroused. experience instant wetness, heightened sensitivity and explosive intense orgasms like never before.


 What's in the Package:

1x - 1 OZ Bottle of Mojada™

Key Benefits

Libido Enhancer
Instant Wetness
All Natural
Allergen free
No harmful side effects


100% Natural and PREMIUM Ingredients:

Purified water (pH 7+)

Acrylic Copolymer (Formulated to Avoid Skin Irritation)

Propylene Glycol (Increases Moisture Retention)

Benzoyl Peroxide (Germ/Bacteria Defense)

Glycerin (Increases Moisture Retention)


Recommended Use

 Note: Start 5-10 MINUTES BEFORE intercourse or self-play.


1. Unscrew and remove the  dropper from the bottle. 

2. Squeeze the white bulb of the  dropper to create suction. 

3. Fully insert the dropper into the bottle while continuing to squeeze the bulb. 

4. Once fully submerged into the get release the bulb and allow the  dropper to fill with gel. 

5. Take the dropper and apply the gel  directly to the exterior and  interior of the vagina. 

6. Massage the gel all around and within a few minutes you will be ready for... Wet. Clean. Fun™!




Precaution: Keep out of the reach of children. This  product is not intended for minors  or women who are pregnant. If any adverse reactions occur then please clean off the gel and consult a physician. This product is not intended to treat or cure any disorder or illness. store in a cool dry place. 

Mojada™ | 1 OZ

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Amy Hope

Mojada™ | 1 OZ

Don Nichols

Mojada™ | 1 OZ

Wife loves it

The wife loves it and so do I😁

Best product on the market

Finally after much trial and error we have found the best product on the market by far. It is extremely nice and does not dry out during intimate time like all other water based products do. Absolutely the best product made!!! We love it and will buy much more of it.

Great product overall.

Great product! Slick but does not gum up during use like other similar products. No odors. Washes off very easily with water. Would definitely recommend. And we talking about lube so chances are if you reading lube reviews you’ve probably encountered mediocre products in the past and are doing research in hopes of identifying a good one. Well look no further.

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