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EMO™ + Mojada™ | Couples Combo


EMO™ + Mojada™ COMBO

Grande Johnson’s EMO™ + Mojada™ COMBO is the perfect combination of intimate products that are comprised of the finest all-natural ingredients. EMO™ gets him harder and thicker and ready to go for rounds, while Mojada™ gets her wet instantly with heightened sensation and ready for the best orgasm of her life!


Enhancing Massage Oil™ or EMO™ is an all-natural enhancing massage oil specifically formulated for men that seek to take their intimacy encounters to the next level. It serves as a tool to help men boost their size, drive, duration and confidence.


Mojada™is an all-natural libido enhancing gel formulated to increase and intensify your overall intimate experience. It mimics the natural juices that begin to flow when when you become aroused. experience instant wetness, heightened sensitivity and explosive intense orgasms like never before.



What's in the Package:

1x - 10ml Bottle of Grande Johnson™ - EMO™

1x -  10ml (Trial Size) Bottle of Mojada™

Key Benefits

Enhancing Massage Oil™

Increase Size

Increase Energy

Increase Stamina

Increase Endurance



Libido Enhancer
Instant Wetness
All Natural
Allergen free
No harmful side effects


Enhancing Massage Oil™: Immediately prior to intimacy start by placing a warm cloth over  the penis for 2-3 minutes. Next  apply 5-10 drops to the penis and  follow steps 1-4 until the  oil is completely absorbed.


1. Get your OK grip.

2. Take the ok grip and start with a firm  squeeze at the base of  the penis.

3. Work towards the  head with ok grip  while continuing to  squeeze firmly.

4. Grip with the opposite  hand around the base  and keep the grip while  repeating steps 2-3.


Mojada™:  Note: Start 5-10 MINUTES BEFORE intercourse or self-play.


1. Unscrew and remove the  dropper from the bottle. 

2. Squeeze the white bulb of the  dropper to create suction. 

3. Fully insert the dropper into the bottle while continuing to squeeze the bulb. 

4. Once fully submerged into the get release the bulb and allow the  dropper to fill with gel. 

5. Take the dropper and apply the gel  directly to the exterior and  interior of the vagina. 

6. Massage the gel all around and within a few minutes you will be ready for... Wet. Clean. Fun™!



Precaution:Keep out of the reach of children. This product is not intended for minors or women who are pregnant. if an adverse reaction occurs then please clean off the oil and consult a physician. By purchasing you are in agreement that GrandeJohnson.com will not be held liable for any negative experiences or reactions. Be sure to store in a cool dry place.


Enhancing Massage Oil™ Ingredients

100% Natural and PREMIUM Ingredients:

Maca Oil

Jasmine Oil

Sandalwood Oil

Leek Oil

Camella Seed Oil

Jojoba Oil

Mojada™ Ingredients

100% Natural and PREMIUM Ingredients:

Purified water


Hyaluronic acid


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
That extra help you need!

Helps with the issue of dryness ladies and their partner will appreciate. Stuff works and helps slide if get my drift.

Personal Lube water based for Him Her or Both.

I have tried many personal lubes personally and with my wife. This lube feels natural and last longer then most. Very little stickiness. A little bit goes a long way and with a drop or two of water it goes again. The water based lube is area(s) friendly and without any oder or taste. The bottle has a push top to pour out. I would like to see a pump option to help prevent any leakage when tipped over. This is my our review without compensation, please use the thumbs up option if you found this helpful. This is a recommended buy.

Guys, buy this for your partner! Trust me, you'll be "Happy" (ahem) you did.

It makes things last a long time. What more can be said? I don't want to make this review too short cause sometimes it's just better if it's longer. Okay, enough puns. This is a really great product. So much so, that there are now multiple bottles of it located in different rooms of our home. You never know when it will come in handy. OK, I'm done now.

Did somebody say cupcake?

Absolutely love this stuff. Like most water-based lubes it tends to get sticky and dry after a long use, but comes back after reapplying or a few drops of water. Rarely have I found a lube that actually tastes decent and also like it's labeled as, this one wins hands down. Fast delivery. Will be ordering more in the future. Neither I, nor my partner's had any reactions to the lube itself.
Some people may not like me, others want to eat me like a cupcake, now they can.


I was looking for a good lube that doesn't have any flavoring. I stumbled upon this one while browsing and saw so many great reviews on it, so I decided to purchase it. Honestly, this is now my go to lube. doesnt irritate my skin or cause any reactions, feels amazing and is very easy to wash off! I highly recommend this. Plus the packaging is cute if youre into that!