Grande Johnson™ | Enhancing Massage Oil™

What is Grande Johnson™ Enhancing Massage Oil™?

It is an ALL NATURAL enhancing massage oil specifically formulated for men that seek to take their intimacy encounters to the next level. It serves as a tool to help men boost their size, drive, duration and confidence.


 What's in the Package:

1x - 10ml Bottle of Grande Johnson™ - EMO™

1x - FREE Grande Vybez™ - Vibrating Ring (Limit of 1 FREE Per Order)


100% Natural and PREMIUM Ingredients:

Maca Oil

Jasmine Oil

Sandalwood Oil

Leek Oil

Camella Seed Oil

Jojoba Oil

Recommended Use

Start by placing a warm cloth over  the penis for 2-3 minutes. next  apply 5-10 drops to the penis and  follow steps 1-4 until the  oil is completely absorbed.


1. Get your OK grip.

2. Take the ok grip and start with a firm  squeeze at the base of  the penis.

3. Work towards the  head with ok grip  while continuing to  squeeze firmly.

4. Grip with the opposite  hand around the base  and keep the grip while  repeating steps 2-3.



Precaution:Keep out of the reach of children. This product is not intended for minors or women who are pregnant. if an adverse reaction occurs then please clean off the oil and consult a physician. By purchasing you are in agreement that will not be held liable for any negative experiences or reactions. Be sure to store in a cool dry place.